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First and foremost this is a very beautiful piece that immediately caught my eye.

I'll start by listing what I don't like about this piece and that is the lighting. It does not quite match up in my opinion. As the light is supposedly coming from behind the character through the waterfall and the way it is coming from the left causes the character to pop from the image wrong.

The second thing that most people probobly won't even notice is the fact that your edge isn't clean you have a fine white line around the character and your cave structures. This causes the image to be perceived in different parts and not as a whole image. This can be fixed fairly easily in photoshop.

Now as for the things I love about this piece. First is most definitely the transparency of the arm that is water itself. everything about it flows properly within the image to the drips coming from the finger tips to the look as if the water is flowing down the arm and yet holding it's shape. Second is the use of the waterfalls to add this serenity to the image.

As for the stars and why I gave you what:

Vision is only four and a half stars because though the piece is beautiful some of the problems with your technique takes away from your image.

Originality comes down to most water sprites/elementals seem to be done in lakes or at outdoor waterfalls placing yours in a cave is as best as I can see pretty original.

Technique is four stars because so many things are good about this but two things as I mention above make the image feel like it is separate things laid over one another and not a single image.

Impact is of course five stars because it distinctly stood out amongst the other pieces I was viewing on the page.

As always I hope you found this as a constructive and informative critique.

~Kageh the Insane
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CristaliaART Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the feedback! :)

I agree with you about the lighting. I was noticing there is something wrong with it, but I couldn't understand what exactly... Now somebody finally pointed it out for me! :D Thank you! Perhaps when I will have time I might try to fix it.
As for the lining, it was done on purpose. Perhaps I just made it too visible. Eveyone perceives everything differently. While for me it looks fine, your opinion tells otherwise. I will look it through either. :)
And, of course, thank you for all the positive remarks.
Greatly appreciated! :hug:
damekage Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
You're very welcome and as I said most people probably won't notice the lining.

Keep up the work I'm looking forward to seeing more of your works.
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